Cork versus screwcap

Cork versus screwcap OK from the line-up in the photo you know which side I am on. But cork versus screwcap is a never-ending debate that I am often asked about in Chateau Feely tasting room. We [...]

Feely Resonance

Feely Résonance certified organic biodynamic Demeter dry red wine Terroir Feely award-winning wines from a 7 hectare certified organic and biodynamic vineyard part of a 14 hectare farm that [...]

After the frost

Five weeks after the April frost what does the vineyard look like? Photo at right is the small triangle of merlot worst hit just after the frost and below it is the same small section taken this [...]

Our new site

The team of Château Feely is happy to welcome you on its new website ! Everything is done to facilitate your experience: online shopping, French and English, presentations of our activities etc [...]