12 Days of Christmas

A special 12 days of Christmas series to play on the Song

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a Virtual Discovery Wine Course. 😊

The virtual discovery wine course is a fun and educational way of learning more about the mysteries of wine through 12 wines, 8 modules and 20 short videos. We put our hearts into creating this pack – we know that you will love it! Use the course for 6 special evenings with your ‘bubble’ loved one/s (great for lockdown).

‘I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I really do feel like I get to be there without being there. I can taste and feel the terroir and the love in your wines. What fun!’ Amy, USA, on the Discovery Course

Find the details of the Virtual Discovery Wine Course

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On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me 2 vintages of Feely La Source red wine and a Virtual discovery wine course. 😊

La Source 2018 is a beautiful rich red wine redolent of blackberry and cassis – a perfect pairing for your festive dinners. We recommend your true love send you a box of 6 – 3 of the 2018 and 3 of the fabulous 2016 which is disappearing fast! But your true love should hurry as the last date for ordering wine in time for Christmas is 18 November.

You can find it via our online shop or via the « Feely selections including shipping in EU »

On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me 3 Books, the Caro Feely memoir series about the Feely Vineyard, 2 vintages of Feely La Source red wine and a Virtual discovery wine course

Grape Expectations, Saving our Skins and Glass Half Full – are great Christmas reads. These books are fun and are entertaining, but they could also change your life! 😊

Caro received this feedback a couple of weeks ago:

“@AuthorLauraBradbury recently recommended your books. I have read Great Expectations, Saving our Skins and am part way through Glass Half Full, thoroughly enjoying each of them. But, more than a good read, they have been so thought provoking to me, I cannot unlearn what they have taught me. Before reading them, I had not thought about where our food comes from or the processes from producing to eating!

I have always tried to buy local farm produce, visiting local farm shops, butchers and stores, beyond this I had not thought about how it is produced. On a recent visit to my farm shop I found that although it is produced locally, sadly, so little of it was organic. With an internet search I discovered an organic farmer, less than two miles from my home! They have an online shop and local delivery service, Hooray!

A couple of weeks ago I received my first order, I now regularly have delivered spinach, chard, rocket, organic herbs, carrots, courgettes, apples, seasonal fruits, potatoes and much more, I also buy organic bread, rice, dairy produce, and meat. The last couple of weeks we have had meals all organically grown or reared. The difference is amazing. I did not tell my husband I had made the changes. He kept asking me how I had cooked it differently…..no changes except the produce!

We are now totally converted, our new activity is to seek out organic local produce and think up delicious recipes, we have more than halved our meat intake as we have found a local egg farm producing the most wonderful eggs with deep yellow yokes, we can also go for a stroll around the farm and see the chickens foraging in the fields and hedges.

I hope all of the wonderful changes to Chateau Feely go well and it goes from strength to strength, when we are able to travel again we will visit Chateau Feely.

Thank you for helping me to think about where, and more importantly how, our food is produced, we aim to educate family and friends.”

Thank you M for this message . And thank you Laura for recommending Caro’s books!

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 4 Feely wines and their Pairing gift box,  3 Books, the Caro Feely memoir series about the Feely Vineyard, 2 vintages of Feely La Source red wine and a Virtual discovery wine course

Your true love is onto a novel gift with the pairing box! 😊 Delicious organic artisanal biscuits from Elsa and Francois of BiscuitsB paired with 4 delicious Feely wines and including a video and document describing key wine and food pairing principles and why these pairings work.


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The rest of our 12 days of Christmas to follow over the coming 10 days! 

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