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Chateau Feely natural biodynamic wines are made with love and care and ship direct from the vineyard in France all over France and Europe including the UK and even direct to the USA. Chateau Feely is fully certified organic with Ecocert since 2009 and has been practicing biodynamic farming since 2007.

Feely wines are served in outstanding Michelin star restaurants in Europe and are available from specialist wine shops, organic shops and direct at the estate. You can also buy Feely organic wine online. Learn more about the red, white and rosé organic wines we make, our terroir and why choose organic (please scroll down). To be notified of availability  or sold out cuvées and of limited edition exclusively direct cuvées please join our mailing list at the bottom right of this page. To live the Chateau Feely experience buy a vine share and come and harvest with us.

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Handmade organic wines direct from France

Chateau Feely biodynamic wines are handpicked and organically grown. Each vineyard specific cuvée represents less than 4000 individually numbered bottles.

 -Individual vineyard premium wines on limestone and flint-stone-

Chateau Feely biodynamic wines are created to offer you individual vineyard wines that have a deep connection to their place. Each wine is made from a small block with specific characteristics and reflect the limestone and flint-stone soil unique to Feely farm. The limestone offers a minerality, almost saltiness, and the flint-stone offers a smokiness. These are healthy wines that are true to their origins, their vintage and that leave you with a lasting memory.

 -Certified organic wines-

Chateau Feely wines are certified organic with Ecocert. The estate started making natural no sulfite added wines in 2010.

 -What is the difference between organic and biodynamic wine?-

Organic certification provides a guarantee that the wines have been farmed without chemical fertilisers, herbicides and systemic insecticides and fungicides and that the winemaking uses few additives and limited sulfites. Organic certification in France is reliable, guaranteed and governed by EU law.

The rules for biodynamic are stricter than for organic. There is a certification but it is governed by rules set by certification bodies rather than EU law since EU law for biodynamic farming doesn’t exist. For example the rules set by Demeter for maximum sulfite levels in the wine and maximum copper used in the vineyard are stricter than those set by Biodyvin another biodynamic certification body. See our post about how to recognise organic and biodynamic wine. All our wines meet both biodynamic associations rules.

A farm must already be certified organic to go biodynamic.

 -What is natural wine?-

Natural wine is even stricter but there is no certification, it is not controlled by EU law and what we understand as natural wine is based on rules set by natural winegrower associations. Natural wine is essentially organic wine with no additives in the winemaking, natural yeast -also required for biodynamic certification- and very low sulfites or no added sulfites.

Making natural red wine is easier than making natural white and rosé wine

In general is it easier to make natural red wines than natural white and rosé wines as the tannins help protect the wine. Feely red wines are no sulfite added since vintage 2014. We do make no sulfite no SO2 added white cuveés like Mille Fleurs but generally Chateau Feely white and rosé wines are low sulfite.

 -How can you make low or no sulfite wine?-

It is possible to make low and no SO2 added natural wines without deviations particularly if the wines are totally dry – that is they have no residual sugar – and have their own natural resistance to oxidation in the form of natural antioxidants like resveratrol and also naturally high acidity. Organic and biodynamic wines have higher natural acidity than conventional wines. Chemical fertilisers decrease the acidity found in the grapes farmed with them. Organic and biodynamic wines also have higher levels of antioxidants because the vine creates these antioxidants in response to attack by pests and diseases. If the vine has been dosed with systemic pesticides it will not be attacked and hence won’t create these antioxidants.

 -Can you age no sulfite added wines?-

Chateau Feely started making no sulfite added wines in 2010. End 2018 we had a vertical tasting of La Source red wines from 2006 to 2015. The oldest of our no sulfite wines, 2010, was still beautiful and fresh. We can safely say Chateau Feely no sulfite reds will age well at least for 8 years. This may not be the case for all no sulfite reds particularly those that are light and low in tannin.


Why buy organic wine? Why buy naturel no sulfite wine?

There are three main reasons to choose to buy organic wine for your health, for the environment and for the taste / pleasure. Biodynamic is a plus and low/ no sulfite is also beneficial as sulfites are an inflammatory – see the article about why should you care about sulfites.

To be notified of availability of sold out cuvées and of limited edition exclusively direct cuveés and to receive our bi-monthly news please join our mailing list at the bottom right of this page. For Chateau Feely wines online see Feely organic biodynamic wine boutique. To learn more about organic see our blog flow on why organic.

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