Chateau Feely wines are labelled ‘Terroir Feely’ because most Feely organic, biodynamic and natural wines are bottled under the ‘vin de France’ label. On this page you can find the wine categories on offer, mixed cases, red wines, white wines and other wines. Find out more about the names of Feely wines below.


What’s in a name?

Terroir Feely, Sincérité, Générosité and Grâce

To say the old name of our farm, Chateau Haut Garrigue, you needed a phd in French phonetics so we took our family name Feely, an Irish name thought to mean chess player instead. Then we incorporated the triskell into our logo. The three spirals, a celtic sign that can be found at Newgrange, Ireland dating to 3500BC, resonates with the spirit of this vineyard: nature and the forces of life and with our Irish roots.

Chateau Feely wines are labelled ‘Terroir Feely’ because most Feely organic, biodynamic and natural wines are bottled under the ‘vin de France’ label and in France the word ‘Chateau’ is reserved for AOC wines.  Since vintage 2014 our wines fit the natural wine standard defined by SAINS a French natural wine association.

Feely wines are handmade from organic biodynamic grapes grown on our 7 hectare vineyard and are produced with minimal intervention and no animal products so are vegan friendly and natural. We created individual wine names for our vineyard specific wines to put the emphasis on the spirit of the wine rather than the grape.

Feely wines and why they are called what they are?

 Feely “SILEX” Organic Biodynamic Natural White Wine

A stainless steel aged dry sémillon that is flinty yet rich with a wonderful light but rich blend of floral and fruit aromas and flavours with a touch of mineral smokiness. This wine from very old vines growing in flintstone (and limestone) hence the name which means flintstone in French.

Feely “SINCÉRITÉ” Organic Biodynamic dry pure Sauvignon blanc White Wine

A pure sauvignon blanc originally named ‘sincere’ as a play on words with Sancerre due to the minerality thanks to the limestone it is grown in and the pure sauvignon blanc character. It is a wine that is direct and acidic with a purity and freshness that is like sincerity.

Feely “GÉNÉROSITÉ” Organic Biodynamic barrel aged Sémillon Dry White Wine

A barrel aged dry sémillon that is rich with fruit, apple, flambéed banana, and hints of caramel, vanilla and sweet spices. This wine from very old vines has a generous mouth feel and is full flavoured hence the name.

Feely “LUMINOSITÉ” Organic Biodynamic Natural Dry White Wine 

A blend of sauvignon blanc and sémillon named for the lovely luminous lemon gold colour of this fruity dry white wine and also for the colour of the earth on the farm since being biodynamic.

Feely “SENSUALITÉ” Organic Natural dry pale rosé

A fruity pale rosé named for its sensuous colour and flavour.

Feely “LIBERTÉ” Organic biodynamic off-dry dark rosé

A fruity dark rosé named for freedom and natural winemaking.

Feely “RÉSONANCE” Organic Biodynamic Natural Dry Red Wine 

A merlot based dry red wine from the Garrigue vineyard named for its earthy resonance.

Feely “LA SOURCE” Organic Biodynamic Natural Dry Red Wine 

A barrel-aged merlot cabernet sauvignon dry red blend named for its depth of flavour and for the Gallo-Roman water source or well at Chateau Feely.

Feely “VÉRITÉ” no sulfite added Organic biodynamic natural pure cabernet sauvignon Red Wine 

A pure organic, biodynamic no sulfites added natural terroir driven cabernet sauvignon called ‘Truth’ for its pure varietal, in vino veritas and the truth of its place, its varietal and that it is a natural wine – just grapes and nothing but grapes – like all our red wines since 2014 vintage. This name was created via a customer naming competition. Two people came up with the name Feely Vérité and won the prize of Caro’s just released Saving our Skins. Thank you Suzanne and Cori.

Feely “GRÂCE” organic biodynamic natural Dry Red Wine 

A barrel-aged red cabernet / merlot blend named as such for the ‘Grace of Nature’. The first year we made Grace was 2008 and we lost a third to frost and then another third to rot. It was by the Grace of Nature that we had anything to harvest given the conditions. Now we associate the name with gratitude and grace for the transformation our farm and our wines have experienced with organic and biodynamic agriculture.

See our page on what organic, biodynamic and natural wine means .

Do you have a name suggestion for us?

We are always open to new ideas – we ideally want our names to French words that are meaningful in English and have an emotional/ spiritual aspect to them and end in ‘ité’ to be in keeping with most of our names. Email us, we’d love to hear from you.

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