Racking the 2016 barrel aged semillon at Chateau Feely, Saussignac, South West France


Sean Feely cleaning pipes and setting up for the racking of the barrels. This is our Générosité 2016 – a barrel aged sémillon that we will bottle in April 2018. The barrels are Ana Selection Jupille forest light toast.
If only you could smell the lees in the photos below. They were just gorgeous. When you are a small artisanal winery like us your system is a few empty bottle crates and some custom oak bungs rather than a oxoline system (which we’d love to have BTW but on a long line of investment wishes its behind a few others!). The winery can eat money.

Each oak barrel costs around 750 euro TTC.  A good stainless steel tank like our fermenters around 7500 euro TTC.















We are looking forward to bottling this wine in April.

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