Choose organic wine to save France’s water courses

‘Happily we don’t drink from the streams,’ and other crazy stuff

‘Happily we don’t drink from the streams,’ – said our local agriculture representative and designated water quality

Choose organic to avoid water pollution

Choose organic to avoid water pollution

consultant after revealing that the level of systemic herbicide was at an all time high in one of our districts local water sources (truly happily our tap water does not come from that particular source which is contaminated with agricultural pesticides).

This is the situation after four years of state investment in a programme to improve water quality by educating the local farmers. The water analysis says its not working.

Her thorough sampling of local streams enabled her to pinpoint the worst culprit –  a landlord (farming grains rather than vines) that lives ten hours drive away from the place he is poisoning. When it is year on year economic and cost analysis that drives the owner’s decision he will choose the least expensive chemical to solve his problem without considering the wider consequences.

Those of us that live on our farms are less likely to poison our land. Support local organic to be sure you are not poisoning yourself or the water where your food/drink was grown.


    • Between 1998 and 2008 France abandoned close to 400 water capture zones per year (destined for human consumption), because of largely due to unacceptable levels of agricultural chemicals
    • The cost of cleaning water after it is polluted is far higher than the cost of giving incentives to go organic (in Munich they estimate the cleaning option would have cost 30 times the cost of the incentives that resulted in 95% of the farmers going organic – -that is just the cleaning of the water – excluding the other consequences of the chemical farming like treating people for cancer and nervous system disruption).
    • 92% of Frances water courses are polluted by pesticides

Choose organic wine to save France’s water courses. French vineyards are around 3% of the arable farmland and use nearly 20% of the pesticides.

Buying organic shows that you value your health, that you respect the people growing your food and those living where your food is grown. To good health!

See our series on why organic starting with these basics in more detail. Come and learn more about organic farming with a visit to Chateau Feely in South West France ; stay with us or do a multi day course or multi day tour .

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