Happy Valentines Day from Chateau Feely – a handmade card (free!) thanks to the nature arolumileafund us
(mine is vine canes with oak leaf centre valentinesdaychateaufeelyrather than a vine leaf because the vine leaves fell in November and are therefore already composted in the vineyard). A really easy card is a large leaf with hearts cut out of it.

Even the cutouts are cute. For your next special gift for a lover consider a chateau Feely vine share – we can personalise your vine share row with a heart and your share with a special message.

For your special valentines dinner try our wine pairing dinner suggestions. We’ll be sharing more of these soon.

You can also buy a gift certificate to learn more about wine or to do a gourmet wine and food tour  visit to Chateau Feely in South West France ; stay with us or do a multi day course or multi day tour . Read about Chateau Feely in Grape Expectations; Saving our Skins and Glass Half Full by Caro Feely.

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