Guide to Natural Aphrodisiacs, love boxes & virtual valentine party

Natural Aphrodisiacs: love boxes & virtual valentine fun

Natural aphrodisiacs are great for passion and for health. In this article you’ll discover some of these wonders, Chateau Feely’s Aphrodisiac Love Box, a love potion secret from Cleopatra, treats and wines to pair with them AND the Virtual Valentine Party to kick off your Valentine weekend with sizzle and laughter.

Chili peppers

Chilis are the glorious red of Valentines and who doesn’t love a little bit of spice in their romance? Chili peppers stimulate endorphins and dopamine, two key feel-good chemicals. They also boost circulation. Capsaicin, what makes chili peppers spicy, stimulates nerves on the tongue, which releases epinephrine (adrenaline), the chemical that increases your heart rate and releases endorphins (natural opiates found in the body- like we get from exercise). Chilis can also be purple, yellow, all sorts of wonderful bright tones not just red.

In the Feely Valentine Love Box you will find:

  • A dried homegrown Chateau Feely organic red chilli to include in your romantic dinner.


Chocolate is sensual in taste, texture, and aroma. If you’ve read the book series about Feely organic vineyard, you’ll know that Caro is a bit of a chocaholic. Dark chocolate contains a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA), which acts like amphetamines in the brain, triggering a release of the hormones: norepinephrine and dopamine, that create feelings of euphoria.

In the Feely Valentine Love Box:

  • A pack of luxurious artisanal Bouga “Fuego” 175g organic dark chocolate – 4 flavours, Ginger (see below), Chili (see above) – Rose peppercorn and Thyme – and Nature (plain). ‘Fuego’ is the Spanish word for fire, but we discovered that ‘fuego’ is also used in English as a slang term for ‘sexy’ and ‘en fuego’ can be used as slang for ‘on fire’ as in rocking it. Yeah baby.


Ginger is a great enhancer of our immunity, it improves blood flow and circulation naturally, great for sexual performance. (you’ll find it in the box of Chocolates in our Love Box 😉).


Oysters contain tons of zinc, a mineral important in the production of testosterone and sperm production, and dopamine, a happy brain chemical that increases desire.  


Rosemary is good for memory and helps circulation. Rosemary or rosemary oil added to a bath improves circulation to the skin and sensitivity to touch. Adding rosemary to her bath was one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets. You could add a touch of rose oil or lavender oil to mix in a hint of floral with the earthy, savoury aroma of rosemary. Aromas are a key memory connector, they can take us into the past, and they encourage us to be mindful, in the present, something we’ll explore in the sensory wine tasting at the Virtual Valentine Party.

In the Feely Valentine Love Box:

  • A sprig of Chateau Feely organic rosemary to add to your bath (pour boiling water onto the chopped rosemary to release the essential oils – let it steep for at least 10 minutes, then add that strained ‘tea’, to your bath), to flavour a food of your choice, or to make a tisane to drink. If you go the tisane route, add a little organic honey – Hippocrates used to prescribe honey for sexual vigour. Honey contains boron, which helps regulate hormone levels and nitric oxide, which helps increase blood flow during arousal.


Wine can increase desire, relaxation, and lower inhibitions so you can experience spicier sex. The fizz in sparkling wine enables the alcohol to enter your body faster – perhaps part of why we link Champagne and romance😊. Resveratrol in red wine is also an antioxidant, which helps decrease inflammation and improve circulation. Moderation is key – one or two servings. Large amounts of alcohol will reduce libido and overall health.

In the Feely Valentine Love Box

  • A bottle of Feely Sincérité (we suggest you pair this one with Oysters for a rocking good night)
  • A bottle of Feely sparkling Brut Rosé (we recommend pairing it with smoked salmon- a perfect starter)
  • A bottle of Feely Générosité (we suggest pairing with a mildly spicy korma curry spiced up with the Feely chili)
  • A bottle of Feely La Source red wine to pair with the rose peppercorn dark chocolate
  • A bottle of Feely Saussignac to pair with the ginger chocolate

Find out more and buy your Valentine Love Box here

All these wines keep well for several days and even weeks. Why not create a multi-day Valentine celebration – a wine and its pairing each night – to prolong the pleasure? Buy your Valentine Love Box here.

Start your Valentine weekend with Virtual Party Sizzle at our Virtual Valentine Event!

Join Caro Feely, and her sister, Jacquie Somerville, Passion Coach of , for wine-tasting and Valentine Secrets on Friday 12 February 6pm CET on zoom- find out more and buy your tickets (included free in the love box) here. Caro will introduce you to sensory wine tasting. Jacquie will share some ideas to spice up your sex life whether you are single or in a relationship. Fuego!


We love Valentines Day. See our posts from previous years about how to create natural homemade and free valentine gifts and our Valentines Gift Suggestions page.

The Virtual Discovery Wine Course offers you 6 diverse tastings that you can explore over 6 date nights using our videos and supporting material.

This Valentine’s day we wish you joy, health and love.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our Virtual Events. Come and learn more about wine at the wine school or with a visit to Chateau Feely in South West France ; stay or do a multi day course or multi day tour. Read about the story of this organic vineyard– the series includes three books Grape ExpectationsSaving our Skins and Glass Half Full by Caro Feely. Join the mailing list to receive a seasonal newsletter, events, wine pairing, recipes and more info on this topic at the bottom right of this page.

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    Greetings from Dubai
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  • Caro FEELY

    Thanks Aneurin – Indeed. Wish we could. 🙂 Happy valentines! Caro

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