Each time I eat an organic orange or skin one for my family I pop the skins into the freezer ready to be used for this candied peel.

Chop your organic orange peels into small chunks- boil for about 15 mins in clear water – if you want less bitter peels then boil again for about 15 mins (I like the bitter orange effect so I only do it once).

Drain the peel and place an equivalent amount of water and sugar into a pan (estimate enough to just cover your peels) and bring to the boil, add the peels and do a gentle rolling boil for about 45 mins. Drain. Catch the drained syrup and use as marmelade. Roll the well drained peel in sugar and dry at a low temperature (about 100deg) for a half an hour in the oven before placing in jars.

Can be frozen again to be used as needed but lasts fairly well (i eat it so fast the longest I have tested it is 2 weeks but I am sure it would last much longer). Ideal served with chunks of organic dark chocolate and a glass of Grace red wine or an aged Feely dessert wine.

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