This Christmas pudding is a glorious feast handed down in our family for many generations back through Caro’s maternal Grandmother to the Alstons; a family tree that goes back to Robert the Bruce of Scotland.

Like all our recipes we recommend that all ingredients are organic.

  • 500g brown bread crumbs
  • 500g raisons
  • 500g sultanas
  • 250g currants
  • 250g candied peel (recipe on this blog)
  • 500g sugar
  • 500g butter
  • 4 eggs
  • A cup of brandy or cognac (you decide how big!)
  • A little nutmegBeat sugar and butter, add eggs, beat all other elements into this mix. Add a little water if the mix is too stiff. Pour into pudding basins two thirds up, tie a cloth over each and steam for three hours depending on the size. To make a single large pudding that can steam on the stovetop in a pot I recommend halving the recipe. This quantity is enough for a large family Christmas and New Year with leftovers. If you cant get any of the fruits requested just swap in something else dried figs, dried cherries… whatever you can get locally.


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