Making love on a bed of fennel

Critters at Chateau Feely do it in style

Critters at Chateau Feely organic vineyard do it in style

Critters at Chateau Feely organic vineyard do it in style

Chateau Feely organic and biodynamic farm vineyard and organic gardens are bursting with lusty life.

Walk through the vineyard and the grass around your feet explodes with activity. Grass hoppers and bugs of all different colours and sizes like these red and black striped beauties on the copper fennel. They are from the family of ‘punaise’ ‘stink bugs’, the same family as the common ‘gendarme’ bugs.

The birds and the bees at Chateau Feely

The birds and the bees at Chateau Feely

We have been farming organic for 12 years and started using biodynamic practices 10 years ago. Each year we see an increase in our biodiversity and vitality and quality of our wines.

Organic farming is a long game, worth it for the nutritional, health and environmental value.

The biodiversity contributes to the health of our farm. More variety of plants means more variety of insects including many of the good bugs like ladybirds and this means we have equilibrium and don’t need to use insecticide.

Hawk moth looks like a tiny humming bird at Chateau Feely organic vineyard

Hawk moth looks like a tiny humming bird at Chateau Feely organic vineyard

The aptly named hummingbird hawk moth in this photo has a long proboscis and hovering action that make it look very like a tiny hummingbird (thanks to Mike Coates for this great photo). We love to see them on the wild flowers and lavender. They are considered a lucky omen (according to wikipedia a swarm was seen flying across the English channel on D-Day).

Below are photos of a bumble bee and a swallow tail butterfly next to Sean’s organic potager and the Resonance red vineyard.

Discover what this biodiversity does for the quality of wine with a case of Feely Demeter organic biodynamic wiDSC03051-001ne to ship direct to you in the EU .

Learn more about organic farming and wine at out Wine school  or read Caro’s books Grape Expectations ,  Saving our Skins and latest DSC03038-001book Glass Half Full to learn more about wine and the story of building an organic vineyard.

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