Feely Luminosite Organic Biodynamic Natural Wine

Feely Luminosité certified organic & biodynamic natural wine

(2016 is the vintage available – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 are sold out. We didn’t make this wine in 2013 due to bad flowering or 2015 due to high alcohols and won’t be made in 2017 due to frost damage)
Terroir Feely award-winning wines from our seven hectare certified organic and biodynamic vineyard part of a fourteen hectare farm that includes wild areas, oak forests and organic gardens. Feely vineyard is certified organic with ecocert from 2009 and certified biodynamic with Demeter from 2011. All are handpicked since 2014. This is a series of ‘spotlight on’ the wines in the range.

What is certified organic, biodynamic and natural wine? Why the word natural for Luminosité dry white wine?

Luminosite is made with natural farming (certified organic and biodynamic), natural winemaking (certified Feely_Luminosite_Organic_White_Wineorganic and biodynamic) and very low sulphites added. When a wine is made with just grapes it is considered a natural wine. The natural wine movement has set the limit for sulphites for ‘natural’ wine at 30mg/l. Thus at 25mg/l the Luminosité meets this criteria as do all our no sulphite added reds. Our wines are made with natural indigenous yeasts as is required by the Demeter rules for biodynamic wine. Some have some have sulphites added (at very low doses as required by the biodynamic winemaking rules). Sulphur dioxide (called sulphites or sulfites on the bottle as in ‘contains sulfites’) is the preservative used in winemaking (and other products like fruit juices, dried fruits and preserved meats) to stop bacteria developing, oxidation and re-fermentation if there is residual sugar (natural sugar from our fruit – we never add sugar (adding sugar called chaptalisation after Chaptal the French man that invented the idea)).

Tasting note: Aromas of citrus, floral, sometimes a hint of honey and apple on the first nose give way to apple, stone fruit (peach, apricot) and a hint of stone smoke from flintstone in the vineyard on Feely_Luminosite_Organic_White_Wine2the second. On the palate the waves of flavour follow returning to a long slightly smoky citrus finish and ends with a hint of salinity thanks to the limestone. Enjoy with smoked trout, fish, seafood, thai-style chicken with lime and ginger, dhals and on its own.

Customer Comments for previous vintages of Luminosité:

‘A heaven-made match delivering distinctive fruit flavours with a satisfying crisp, dry finish. A sophisticated and well-structured wine.’ Ronan Dolan, Barrister, Dublin
“A clean, crisp wine, lip smackingly tart at first. Warmer, silky honey tones build to a mid-palate as the semillon kicks in, with the complex heather and wet gravel characters of a Bordeaux white wine. A fine and engaging white wine” Tomas Clancy, Wine Correspondent, Sunday Business Post

The young'ish sauvignon blanc vineyard that goes into the Feely Luminosite blend

The young’ish sauvignon blanc vineyard that goes into the Feely Luminosite blend

Vital Statistics:

  • 50% sauvignon blanc/ 50% sémillon
  • Stainless steel vat fermented and matured for 6 months on the fine lees
  • Vin bio / Organic wine Ecocert FR-BIO-01 Agriculture France
  • Vin biodynamique/ Biodynamic wine certified Demeter
  • Indigenous yeast
  • Vegan friendly. Unfined. Lightly filtered.
  • Total Sulphites: 25mg/litre (total EU norm max for this style of wine: 200mg/litre; organic wine max: 150mg/l; Demeter max 70mg/l; natural wine max 30mg/l)
  • About 2300 bottles produced from designated vines on east facing slopes growing in limestone fossil rock at Chateau Feely. Made from 70 plus year old vine semillon vines and 20 year old sauvignon blanc vines.
  •  13% alc vol 750ml

You can buy Luminosite online for shipping in most of the EU. . The range of wines from Chateau Feely includes certified organic and certified biodynamic wine, natural wine, rich reds, refreshing dry whites, rosé wine, method traditionelle sparkling wine, walnut wine and dessert wine. No animal products are used in the winemaking making them vegan friendly.

To follow – Recipe suggestions for Luminosite. Spotlight on Sincerite, Resonance and La Source.

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