• Wine & Food Pairing Part 3 what to pair with Chicken?

    When pairing chicken should I stick to one style of wine?

  • Feely Sincerite pure sauvignon or Feely Luminosité Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
  • Feely Générosité white
  • Chicken with grilled goats cheese and sun dried tomato
  • A creamy spicy chicken or vegetarian dish (eg Korma)

    Step 1: Try the 2 wines with the difference dishes. The Generosite white goes better with spicy creamy chicken whereas the chicken with goats cheese is better with the sauvignon blanc or the sauv blanc blend. If you had a coq au vin cooked in red wine you would pair the dish with the same red wine as you used for cooking it.

    Rule of thumb: when pairing wine with food the sauce is more important that the core ingredient (in this case chicken).

    The foods can be sourced at your local grocer. If you are in another EU country contact us and we will give you a price for shipping to your door.

Come and discover the principles of pairing with a day at Chateau Feely or one of a multi day gourmet breaks in the Bordeaux region

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