After the frost

Five weeks after the April frost what does the vineyard look like?

Chateau Feely Saussignac Frost damage April 2017

Photo at right is the small triangle of merlot worst hit just after the frost and below it is the same small section taken this morning 5 June 2017. So the vines are starting to grow back but they won’t produce any fruit.

The photo above shows a cabernet sauvignon vine where the left hand cane didn’t get frosted and is at the top of the trellis and the rest are barely off the first wire.

The frosted vines in the header photo look like they would usually look in April but it is already early June.

For those canes that made it through the frost unscathed it is that beautiful delicate moment in the year where flowers turn into fruit given the right conditions. Photo below right is a bunch of cabernet sauvignon in progress.

See my initial post about the frost and the follow up about what the frost meant for our vintage 2017.
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