Grape Expectations, Caro Feely’s first book published by Summersdale, is on kindle special in North America at 1.50USD and 1.99CAD until end January 2017 a real deal for book lovers. Grape Expectations_COVER.indd

When Caro and Sean Feely found the perfect ten-hectare vineyard in Saussignac, it seemed their dreams of becoming wine-makers in the south of France are about to come true… But they arrive with a toddler and a newborn to realise that they have bought a dilapidated eighteenth-century farmhouse and an enterprise that may never, ever make them a living…. Undeterred by infestations, a leaking roof, visits from the local farm ‘police’ and a nasty accidents, Caro and Sean set about transforming their ‘beyond eccentric’ winery into a successful business as they embark on the biggest adventure of their lives – learning to make wine from the roots up.

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