Book : Cultivating Change


Cultivating Change – Regenerating Land and Love in the Age of Climate Crisis

‘Powerful and inspiring’ Jacqui Brown, Book blogger

‘A must read. Passionate, challenging, and informative’ Helen Melser, Author

‘A culinary trip with layers of secrets of nature, environmental activism, family dynamics, and resilience, all tied into a gorgeous package.’ Kelly Ryerson, Glyphosate Facts

‘Insightful and inspiring.’ Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist

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What will it take to change? Can we resuscitate our relationship with the earth? And with each other?

The emotional journey of Sean and Caro, a couple regenerating their vineyard in France and rewriting their love story as they experience the impacts of climate change and grapple with ways to deal with them. The book explores family dynamics, work life balance, yoga, organic farming and food.

Join Caro as she searches for wisdom to face the climate crisis and how to breathe new life into her marriage in this powerful new memoir.

A memoir by Caro Feely

‘A thoroughly enjoyable read and a wake-up call about how our actions affect our planet.’ Tora Shand

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