Book : Vineyard Confessions


Hand harvesting was a different process to machine harvesting. It was convivial and slow. We started at dawn and slowly proceeded across the vineyards. It was better for us and for the grapes, the human scale and pace of it more peaceful and joyful.

But this rose-tinted glimpse of life is only part of the story – with it come long hours, uncertainty and their associated stress. For Seán and Caro Feely, the rollercoaster ride of managing a growing business is as challenging as making natural wine in harmony with the environment. Will the previous six years of hard work that created a flourishing organic vineyard in France prove worthwhile? Join Caro on her search for balance in life and wine. Does yoga hold the secret? And will she make it through this growth phase with marriage, farm and sanity intact?

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‘Caro Feely is a force of nature! Her book Vineyard Confessions tells the story of her family’s struggle to live, love and make healthy, natural wine on their small vineyard in France. Caro draws the reader into her world with its all of its challenges, triumphs and heartaches. Required reading for winelovers everywhere.’

Mike Veseth, author Wine Wars and The Wine Economist blog

‘A brave and compelling tale about a gnarly life in the vines and the choices we frail humans make in our emotional journeys.’

Alice Feiring, author and journalist

‘Honest and touching. Caro Feely gives us the real thing, not only living the dream of making great wine in France but the stress and work required while raising a family and holding a marriage together. And at the same time, she has produced a readable, persuasive and informative book on organic wine-making, and why we need to heal our soil and change the way we farm.’

Martin Walker, bestselling author of Bruno Chief of Police Series

‘Vineyard Confessions is a love story poured beautifully onto the pages by Caro Feely.  If you love wine or someone who loves wine, you will drink in every page of this beautiful book.’

Robyn O’Brien, bestselling author

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