Bordeaux and Feely Wine Fantasy Christmas Story

Episode 4: A Bordeaux Feely Wine and Feline Christmas Story

By Caro Feely

Background: Read about the prior adventures of these cats. In story 1, we meet Gims and Princess Leah. In story 2, we met Leah’s sister Princess Katrina. In story 3, Katrina meets with old friends Sook and Berry, and we meet Adiche, a cello playing gentle-cat. This Episode 4 is set in Bordeaux city – what happened to Adiche and Katrina – did they fall in love?

Our story resumes where it left off the last episode, with Princess Kat’s invitation to a cello-playing cat on Place de la Comédie in Bordeaux city.

‘We’d be great together,’ she whispered as she dropped her card into Adiche’s hat.

Adiche retrieved her card, their eyes locked for a moment, brimming with possibilities. But the following day he was too timid to call. Kat returned to her work Biarritz. Weeks later, with no word from Adiche, she called her friend Sook.

‘Adiche hasn’t called because he’s too shy,’ consoled Sook. ‘That you are a princess makes him even more apprehensive.’

‘That makes me wish I wasn’t,’ said Katrina, a tear rolling down her cheek. They spoke for a while, and Sook made her feel better. After hanging up, she called her sister Princess Leah.

‘Oh Kat. I wish I was there to hug you. It’s been too long,’ said Leah. ‘Now listen. I’ve some good news. Gims and I are coming to Bordeaux for Christmas and New Year. I know it’s months away, but it’s something to look forward to.’

‘That’s the best news,’ replied Kat.

‘I’m sure Gims will want to jam with Adiche. You’ll see him again.’

‘I can’t wait,’ said Kat.

‘I know darling. But you have work to do. You wouldn’t have had time for a relationship now anyway.’

‘Oh Leah, you’re wise. By Christmas I’ll have finished my thesis on the impact of cats on biodiversity in Biarritz and I’ll have more time. I may even move to Bordeaux to do the research here.’

‘You see. The timing wasn’t right. Everything will work out for the best.’

‘I always feel better after talking to you. Thank you, wonderful sister.’

As Christmas approached rumours of tension in Bordeaux began to circulate. Sook and Berry assured Kat that the media had overstated the situation. Gims and Leah were coming, and she hoped to see Adiche. She still hadn’t heard from him, but she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Gims and Leah left their cozy London abode. Their journey was swift, propelled by the EuroStar London to Paris and then by the superfast two-hour TGV from Paris to Bordeaux. They arrived on the morning of Christmas Eve. Bordeaux was abuzz with a conflict brewing between the cats and their age-old adversaries, the mice. The mice had encroached upon a sacred part of the Jardin Publique, a garden in the heart of the city where the cats held important ceremonies. The intrusion was seen as an act of disrespect, it ignited the flames of discord that were already smouldering.

Our friends Leah, Gims, Kat, Sook and Berry were on their way to a Christmas Eve soirée when they heard a ruckus in the garden. A gang of cats was preparing to fight a horde of mice. The snarling and hissing got louder and louder. Just when it looked like a bloody fight was unavoidable, a handsome black cat stepped forward, a white flag in his paw.

Kat gasped. It was Adiche. He had put himself in the middle of the angry mob.

‘Woah there a minute my friends,’ he addressed the cats. ‘I know Mick Mouse here. He helped me save Kitty kitten from the river a few days ago. Perhaps he can explain what’s going on.’

‘Thank you Adiche,’ said Mick, eyes wide with fear. ‘Look, I know you cats don’t trust us, but we didn’t mean any harm. We came to the garden to avoid the rising waters. Our homes and underground passages are flooded. This danger threatens you and us.’

‘What is this nonsense?’ said a large white cat.

‘It’s not nonsense Dave. Flooding and rising sea-levels are destroying our homes and killing us too. Kitty kitten would have drowned if Mick hadn’t helped save her,’ said Adiche.

‘So what are you going to do about it?’ asked a posh looking grey Persian.

‘It’s more like what are we going to do about it,’ said Adiche. ‘This is a problem for all living things.’

‘Adiche is right. We must seek solutions together,’ said Mick.

‘Solutions together; I like the idea,’ said a stately Main Coon in a flowing green dress. ‘We could encourage our humans onto bicycles instead of into their cars. It would be safer for us too, less roadkill. There’s much to do and we’ll be stronger working together.’

‘I agree,’ said Adiche. ‘But it’s Christmas Eve. Perhaps we should begin our collaboration by celebrating it with a party tonight.’

‘Hear hear’ shouted the crowd. Adiche reached for his cello and a pretty mouse dressed in a fuschia pink dress and thigh high black boots began to rap:


‘Yo, listen up, here’s a tale of some cats,

Magic, music, and a host of small rats,

In Bordeaux city with friends old and new,

We’re creating a fine ecological crew.


It’s an enchanted tale, in the city’s glow,

Whiskers twitching, tails in flow,

They’re living their lives, with care for each other,

In the streets of Bordeaux, like sister and brother.


Gentle Adiche, with strings in his paw,

Plays the cello, without a flaw,

His music so sweet, fills the air,

And brings sworn enemies together with flair.


In Bordeaux’s lanes their adventures unfurl,

It’s a world where felines and mice together can swirl.

Keep tuned for more, ’cause this tale’s not done,

In this fantasy world the fun’s just begun!’

(would you like to see Caro perform this rap song? Answer in the comments below 😉


As the song came to an end, Adiche placed his cello against a tree and walked towards Katrina.

‘Dear Katrina, it’s so good to see you again,’ he said with a bow and kissed her hand. He turned to the rest of the group. ‘My dear Gims, you look so well, and Sook and Berry, as handsome as ever. And this twin of the beautiful Katrina must be Leah?’

‘Enchanté,’ said Leah as he kissed her hand.

‘Excuse me for a minute, I need a word with Katrina,’ he said. ‘If I may?’

Katrina took his hand and they walked to a bench under an arch covered in Christmas lights.

‘I have thought of you every day,’ he said.

 She felt her heart melt with love then a fire of passion made her lean in and kiss him before he could say another word.

As the night unfolded, the cats and mice shared stories, laughter, and toasts with Feely Sparkling Brut Rosé. As they clinked glasses under the starlit sky, Gims and Leah, Katrina and Adiche, Sook and Berry, Mick and Minnie, and many new friends, celebrated not just Christmas Eve, but a new beginning. Their spirits were lifted, and the world was a little brighter. They had discovered that courage and understanding could bridge the widest of divides, turning foes into friends and fear into hope.

The End Until Next Year 🙂

  • Art work and some parts of the story and rap song aided by Chat GPT/ DALLE.

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Read about the prior adventures of these cats. In story 1, we meet Gims and Princess Leah. In story 2, we meet Leah’s sister Princess Katrina. In story 3, Katrina meets with old friends Sook and Berry, and we meet Adiche, a cello playing gentle-cat. This was Episode 4 set in Bordeaux city. Join our mailing list to receive the next episode!

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  • Willene Botha

    Dear Caro!
    Wow, what an entertaining story..And how climate change can become the centre of the world¬
    I love the song and also the busking, cellist cat…as I am a musician you know…
    Happy new year from Hilton….
    May I ask who invented the storyline?

  • Caro FEELY

    Thanks Willene – Thank you! Happy new year to you too! I invented the storyline :). with best wishes, Caro

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