Gims love story

Gims gets the love of his life back on Valentines Day

A ghostly mist floated over the Seine. Monsieur Gims, dressed in a black tuxedo for a Valentine’s party, padded along the cobble stones beside the river, in the shadow of Pont d’Alma.

His fur stood straight up as a scream pierced the air, ‘Au Secours! Help! I’ve been robbed! Help!’

Gims raced up the nearest stairs ripping his jacket on a rail. Darn tux.

Au Secours! Help! A pickpocket has stolen my purse!’ Shouted a small tabby.

Pedestrians walked by, as if they couldn’t hear the cries. An empty space formed around the cat, as if she was a leper.

Gims raced into it.

‘Which way did they go? What did they look like?’ He said, as he screeched to a halt.

‘Oh Monsieur, I didn’t see. I felt myself pushed by the crowd, when I looked around, someone on the opposite side grabbed my purse. By the time I turned back, they had disappeared into the crowd. Everyone looked away as if they had seen nothing.’

Close up she was beautiful, reminiscent of someone he met in Bordeaux long ago.

‘How terrible! Are you hurt?’

‘No. Thank Bast. But I’m on my way to catch the TGV to London to meet my sister. My ticket was in my purse. Now what will I do? I don’t have my ticket and I’m going to miss my train.’

She began to weep.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll get you there on time,’ said Gims, raising his arm to flag down a taxi.

‘Thank you, dear sir!’

‘But what will you do for a ticket? I don’t have enough money to buy you a ticket to London,’ said Gims.

‘Don’t worry about that. I’ve a credit card and my passport in my inside jacket pocket. Thank Bast, otherwise I’d be in real trouble. And on Valentines Day too. How could they such a thing?’

A taxi pulled up to the sidewalk and Gims helped the dainty cat lift her suitcase into the trunk then they leapt into the back seat.

‘Oh Monsieur, you’re a saint!’ she said as they took off.

‘I’m far from that. C’est normale. I’m doing what anyone would do in the circumstances,’ said Gims.

‘Look how many people there were on the street and only you came to my aid. You’re my saviour! I’m in shock. I would have been a wailing mess and would have missed my train if you hadn’t taken charge.’

‘It’s my pleasure.’

‘I don’t even know your name. I’m Katrina.’

Enchanté,’ said Gims shaking her paw. ‘Monsieur Gims, at your service.’

‘Truly! Are you serious? Would you like to be at my service? I feel frightened travelling on my own after that experience. Would you accompany me to London?’

Master Gims reflected for a moment. He had never been to London. Big Ben. The Tower Bridge. He had read so much about the English capital. She did look in shock.

‘I can’t afford to go to London,’ he said sadly.

‘Don’t worry, everything’s on me. I’ll pay you for your time,’ said Katrina.

‘Really?’ He reflected for a moment, feeling excitement at idea.

‘Absolutely. Oh, please say yes, my dear Monsieur Gims.’

‘Well, if you insist.’

‘Oh yes, I do. Thank you, Monsieur! Thank you! ‘ Said Katrina.

‘But by Bastet! I need to pick-up my passport. My room is down an alley off the next street. Stop! S’il vous plait Monsieur le taxi!’ he yelled.

The taxi pulled over and Gims raced down the alley then down some stairs into the basement room of an 18th century Parisian apartment building.

‘I’m going to London!’ he shouted to the walls as he grabbed his passport and a few things. He galloped back out, a small black backpack in his paw, and jumped into the taxi.

Allez! C’est reparti. A tout vitesse s’il vous plait.

The brakes whined as they came to a violent stop outside Gare du Nord.

By the time they arrived in London they felt like old friends. Katrina led the way out of the station.

‘Quickly, we have to make it to my sister’s reading! It’s about to start. Hurry!’

A crowd was gathered at their destination, a Marylebone bookstore.

Katrina and Gims found standing room at the back.

Gims looked over the crowd and caught a glimpse of the author. His cappuccino moustache began shaking with emotion.

‘That’s why you’re familiar! I was your sister’s bodyguard.’

‘Monsieur Gims, you’re the cat that saved my sister’s life in Bordeaux! She loves you.’

‘Alas, not enough, she married someone else,’ said Guims. ‘Ah oui. Your father forced her into an arranged marriage. I couldn’t stand seeing her with someone else. I had to leave.’

A look of deep sadness clouded his face.

The crowd hushed and Katrina lifted her finger to her lips.

‘We warmly welcome the author of ‘Lost love: my Bordeaux amour’. Princess Leah, thank you for visiting Daunt Books to share your story,’ said the presenter.

‘Thank you Daunt books! Welcome wonderful guests. I’m delighted to be here to share my love story with you. This book is a crime thriller, but also a story of sadness, of arranged marriages, and of the love of my life.

A few winters ago, on Christmas Eve, a brave soul saved my life. He didn’t know me, but he risked his life for me. I offered him a job as my bodyguard. We fell in love, but my father had other ideas and arranged a marriage for me. My bodyguard’s heart was broken, and he left with no forwarding address.’

She took a tissue from her pocket to wipe away her tears.

‘The arranged marriage didn’t work out. My heart was with my lifesaver. I searched for him everywhere without success. He was the love of my life, my cappuccino moustached saviour. I wrote this book to tell the story. I will keep looking for the rest of my life.’

Gims stepped from the shadows.

‘Princess Leah. Is it me you’re looking for?’

Their eyes met. It was electric. Gims galloped to the stage and Leah took him in her arms.

‘Oh, my love, I missed you so much.’

Scene closes with Monsieur Gims, Leah and Katrina, toasting with Feely Sparkling Brut Rosé.

‘To the love of my life and my life saver!’ said Leah.

‘To you dear Princess! And to your dear sister who brought us back together,’ said Gims.

‘To my beloved sister and you Monsieur Gims!’ said Katrina clinking her glass with theirs.

Happy Valentines to all!

The end

If you missed it Read the first episode of this series. .

Or read on for story 3, Katrina meets with old friends Sook and Berry, and we meet Adiche, a cello playing gentle-cat and then follow it with Episode 4 is set in Bordeaux city – what happened to Adiche and Katrina – did they fall in love?

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I wrote this story a year or so ago but it was quite prescient about the crowds ignoring the person in trouble, as witnessed with the photographer who died fallen and ignored in Paris recently.

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  • Kameela Hays

    What a purrfect story for St Valentine’s

  • Caro FEELY

    Thanks Kameela! 😉 he he he.

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