Chateau Feely presents their 2020 Spring Collection of Organic, Biodynamic Wine

Chateau Feely presents their 2020 Spring Collection of Organic, Biodynamic Wine

The Feely wine range for 2020 includes old favourites and a wine that is totally new to the Feely range, Feely Liberté.

Bottling of the latest wines took place on Tuesday 14 April 2020. For a flavour of bottling at an organic boutique winery is like see Caro’s post about 2018. You can order pre-selected mixed and single packs including shipping at Order EU Online or order on the Boutique where shipping is added at the end.

Sincérité 2019: pure organic biodynamic sauvignon blanc

The 2019 vintage of sincerité is a classic, it is fresh and delicious. It reminds us of 2016 (see the Sincerite 2016 JancisRobinson review). We don’t send this wine out to reviewers anymore it sells out so fast. By the time we get reviews back it’s long sold out. Grab this one while it’s here. You can order pre-selected mixed and single packs including shipping at Order EU Online or order on the Boutique where shipping is added at the end.

Generosite 2018: barrel-aged organic biodynamic sémillon

Its been a long time since we had Générosité in stock. This latest edition is beautiful – vanilla, pear, citrus, sweet spice and a long finish of candied peel. In the past, Feely Generosite garnered great reviews from a top wine critic in Amsterdam and from the wine guide ‘Dans ma Bouteille’. As we expect from semillon this wine has a beautiful smooth texture. This wine pairs beautifully with slightly spicy dishes like a korma, a light thai green curry, a radish with a dab of butter or by itself.

Feely Generosite makes a great varietal comparison with the Feely Sincerite. We’ll be offering an online course with this pair shortly.

You can also complement Generosite with Feely Silex 2017 , a pure sémillon tank-aged rather than barrel-aged with a lovely flinty and floral nose and flavour.

Libérté : off dry organic biodynamic cabernet sauvignon rosé

Feely Liberté, as the name suggests, is a wine of freedom. We followed a natural wine making process, allowing Feely Liberte rose labelthe wine to ferment at its own pace. It took its sweet time and continued fermenting for 4 years, stretching – even our – well-developed natural winemaker patience. We think the result is worth it. It is quite unique from any other rosé we have made, off-dry (residual sugar of around 5g/litre ie equivalent to a teaspoon of -natural grape- sugar per litre) with great depth of flavour and satisfaction. It has quince, cherry and cinnamon notes on the nose and a long fruity finish.

Feely Liberté perfect on its own or can be a great pairing with vegan or vegetarian couscous or lamb dishes.

We have our usual dry rose Feely Sensualité available as part of the range this year too.

Resonance 2017: a delicious medium bodied organic, biodynamic, natural red merlot

If you prefer a slightly less tannic medium bodied red over our traditional full bodied tannic wines then Resonance 2017 is for you. It is a delightful mix of red and dark fruit, cherries and berries of the forest, on the nose with complexity and length. The alcohol is just over 13% so this is not a light red but it has a wonderful lightness of being. We love this Resonance, it is one of the best of this cuvee that Sean Feely has made. We hope you enjoy it too.

La Source 2018: an elegant, rich organic biodynamic wine

We still have a little La Source 2016 available so we recommend that over the 2018 in drinkability at the moment. La Source 2016 is similarly full bodied and age worthy. Our La Source is traditionally a ‘St Emilion style blend’ with 80% merlot and 20% cabernet sauvignon. The 2018 is a slight twist with 70% merlot and 30% cabernet sauvignon. It is organic, biodynamic and natural wine that is 100% barrel aged.

Grace 2014: a complex, rich organic biodynamic wine

Grace 2014 is complex, rich and satisfying blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon. It is a full bodied red wine packed with dark fruit notes, plum and blackberry, and starting to evolve to hints of truffle and forest floor. On the palate it offers dark fruit and a touch of truffle. It is  full bodied, medium + tannin; medium + acidity and offers a long finish.


The latest releases build on the constant improvement in the quality of the wines thanks to the health of the vineyard created by organic and biodynamic farming at Chateau Feely. We look forward to sharing them with you. Order yours online at our mixed case with eu shipping page or at the Feely wines online boutique where you can order by bottle then add shipping at the end.

For bottling so many elements need to come together in a perfect dance it seems impossible. This year corona- related delays meant Caro needed the yoga stress relieving breathing techniques more than ever.

Come and learn more about wine with a visit to Chateau Feely in South West France ; stay or do a multi day course or multi day tour. You can read about the story of this organic vineyard, wine school and farm – the series includes three books by Caro Feely (order online with amazon via these links or from your local bookstore)

Grape Expectations: A Family’s Vineyard Adventure in France (Caro Feely Book 1)

Saving Our Skins: Building a Vineyard Dream in France ( Caro Feely book 2 )

Glass Half Full: The Ups and Downs of Vineyard Life in France (Caro Feely Book 3)

Summersdale publishers have also made the 3 book series available as a kindle bundleCaro Feely (3 Book Series)

You can also order a case of organic wine including shipping in the EU. Join the mailing list to receive a seasonal newsletter, events, wine pairing, recipes and more info on this topic at the bottom right of this page.



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